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The healthcare industry is currently undergoing significant changes due to reform and regulatory changes, increased use of electronic medical records and exchanges, and increased use of social media and consumer electronics in patient care management. Covestic’s in-depth IT experience is helping healthcare providers and payers address these challenges and transform their IT assets from infrastructure to an enabling capability that automates operations and admissions procedures, leverage mobile devices and applications for electronic order (CPOE) management, and help planning and implement changes necessary to meet reform and regulatory changes such as meaningful use reporting and ICD-10 diagnosis code conversion.

Covestic has worked closely with major healthcare providers, hospitals, and payers in defining, developing, and delivering IT solutions in areas such as electronic data integration, mobile prescription ordering and delivery, and ICD-10 system conversion planning and testing. Covestic’s core competence in IT Operations management has also been relevant as healthcare organizations look to optimize their IT processes, improve availability, reliability, and performance, and to reduce overhead and costs through automation and integration wherever possible. Covestic understands that healthcare organizations operate under unique requirements and challenges and has the experience and talent to make your organization successful.