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Organizations take on significant risk, as well as investment, in rolling out new products often while depending on overextended staff to support existing products and infrastructure. Covestic’s expert management and technology consulting staff have worked on numerous product initiatives and combine our experience in technology implementation with proven project methodology to greatly reduce business and IT risks.

From our experience, new product realization starts with strong leadership from the business stakeholders in defining the mission, setting expectations and requirements, and in planning the work effort combined with other initiatives. As a solution partner, IT steps up to review the objectives and requirements, identifies technology challenges, and refines delivery planning with effort estimates and additional technical tasks. Finally, a disciplined project management approach is used to address issues and key implementation decisions, as well as provide transparency on status and schedule to ensure milestones completion is on track.

Covestic can assist in all phases of your product initiative and provide the experience, processes, and technology to make your project successful.