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Cloud Transformation

Cloud Migration

With Covestic’s Cloud Migration services our clients leverage cloud computing in an efficient and cost effective way. Covestic delivers sustainable cloud success and keeps our clients from recreating the same problems they had in their data center. Our customers realize the benefits of "Infrastructure as Code", achieving the cost savings inherent to the cloud.

Cloud Cost Optimization

While cost savings are a common and compelling part of the business proposition for moving to the cloud, many organizations see their infrastructure spend increase with a cloud migration. Who hasn’t heard a story about the CIO’s reaction to their first billing from the cloud provider?

Covestic’s Cloud Cost Optimization service examines your cloud usage patterns to optimize your cloud spend. Savings can range from 5% to 25% or more on a monthly basis.

Cloud Monitoring & Metrics

With Covestic’s Cloud Monitoring and Metrics services you’ll have a clear visualization of the health and performance of your cloud based applications with automated, integrated alerting and notifications. The approach is a lightweight and flexible solution that is rapidly implemented and easily extended, delivering real time situational awareness for your cloud presence.