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The DevOps Way

Covestic offers a full suite of DevOps services. Select an area to learn more:

Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (top of page)

Covestic delivers practices and technology enabling an end-to-end, automated deployment pipeline from development to production that is tailored to your organizational needs, reducing time to…everything! Faster to market, shorter recovery times, smaller deployment windows, quicker feedback loops.

The orchestration and practices for automated build, deploy and verify enable you to continuously deliver changes to your systems while greatly reducing risk.

DevOps Monitoring & Metrics (top of page)

You will have a clear visualization of the health and performance of your cloud based applications with automated, integrated alerting and notifications. The approach is a lightweight and flexible solution that is rapidly implemented and easily extended, delivering real time situational awareness for your cloud presence.

Deployment Automation / Infrastructure Automation (top of page)

This tailor-made capability enables you to deploy software and infrastructure to the cloud in a repeatable, scalable way. Deployments can transform from hours to seconds by removing the knowledge gaps about the deployments, the target environment and managing them end to end. Deployment Automation is the underpinning capability to get your organization to Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration.

DevOps Org Change (top of page)

Operating in the cloud and using DevOps practices is not just a technology shift. It means a change in thinking and in the way you deliver value. This is arguably the most difficult part of adopting DevOps and migrating to the cloud, though it is required for achieving and maximizing value from the transition. Grounded in a thorough understanding of the technical and organizational behavior differences, we guide you through what those changes are and how to achieve them.

Operations Automation (Runbook Automation) (top of page)

Manually managing your infrastructure and application operation by command line or cloud provider console is invariably a repetitive, labor intensive and inherently error prone task – perfect candidates for automation.

Covestic delivers a robust, extensible automation library tailored to your organization that simplifies your operational activities while enabling real velocity, stability and labor savings. The automation will benefit both your infrastructure and application management activities.

Want to stand up a completely new environment in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days? Talk to Covestic about DevOps and Operations Automation.

Governance Practices (top of page)

There is a misperception that DevOps means no control practices & no processes (in effect, “engineering running amok in production”). We show our clients how to enable effective control practices and processes while achieving the benefits of DevOps.

DevOps Training & Ongoing Support (top of page)

With each Covestic engagement we understand that to achieve sustainable success there must be an ongoing application of DevOps in both technological innovations and adoption of the DevOps way. To ensure your ongoing success Covestic delivers a comprehensive transition and offers a continuing support model where our expert resources can augment your staff or provide a managed service presence to ensure continuous success.

Additionally, Covestic offers coaching-style consultation where our experts can guide your resources in technology, leadership, planning and implementation to realize DevOps objectives. Covestic will pair our expertise and experience with your team’s domain knowledge to achieve DevOps adoption.